Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs are No Joke

When you’ve been infested by these pests, you’ll know it. You may wake up with very itchy red bumps, similar to that of mosquito bites. Bed Bugs cannot fly, but they are able to crawl and hitch rides on purses, backpacks, clothing, pets and other items allowing them to spread throughout the home rather quickly. They can infest far more than just beds.

Over the counter measures are just no match for these pests. If you think you may have a Bed Bug problem, call the professionals at Anytime Pest Control!



Bed bugs typically feed on humans blood, but they can also go after pets, other mammals and even birds.

Their bites, although often different, will usually resemble small itchy red bumps.

Bed Bugs are normally light to rusty brown in color, and will turn red as they feed on blood.

According to the CDC, bed bug bites, although extremely itchy, are not known to carry diseases. However, their bites can cause allergic reactions.


Female Bed Bugs Will Lay 500+ eggs in their lifetime

Eggs take around 4-12 days to hatch as instar nymphs. In order to grow and progress into their next life stage, they need to feed on blood. Bed bugs will go through 5 stages before becoming adults, capable of reproduction.

Adult Bed Bugs can live for up to 6 months and can survive long periods of time without feeding.

When a host is available, Bed Bugs can feed multiple times per week.


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